Special services for signal transduction researchers

One of AGCT's goals is to assist researchers in discovering novel protein(s) on the signal transduction pathway with which you are working.

Signal transduction at the cellular level refers to the bi-lateral movement of cellular signals. It involves the coupling of ligand-receptor interactions to generate responses to internal or external stimulation, and often results in fundamental cellular changes such as the regulation of gene expression or the control of cell proliferation. To understand how the signals communicate with each other, it is important to identify the interacting proteins involved in the signal transduction. Our company can help researchers to reach these goals in a fast and easy way.

There are many companies offering services for signal transduction, but they focus primarily on the specific protein identification. The experts at AGCT realize the need to sort out novel proteins that are involved in signal transduction research. A series of technologies have been tested, implemented and optimized for your needs. The current services include Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs), Two-Hybrid and Three Hybridization systems.

At AGCT, we provide 2 aspects of service for signal transduction researchers:

(1). To confirm whether or not the protein(s) relates to the protein you have already identified, we can determine their true relationship in a living cell system.

(2). If you provide us with a known protein already identified in a signal transduction system, we can use a cDNA library or a living cell system to discover additional novel related proteins to help understanding whole signal transduction pathways.

If you need more information about this service, please contact us or request an on line quote. We will respond to you within 24 hours.