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Custom Shotgun DNA Library Construction Service

The Shotgun Library is a necessary tool for genomic bioinformatics analysis and the study of large fragment clones. AGCT has extensive experience in constructing high quality Shotgun Libraries from a variety of sources in different formats. For insert DNA, the mechanical random shearing method is applied. Sheared fragments sized 2-5 kb are selected and Ligmted into an appropriate plasmid vector.

AGCT shotgun library properties:

Insert range: 2 - 10 kb (as required)

Primary Colonies: 1 X 106 cfu

% Recombinants: > 95%

Q.C.: P.C.R. 24 random colonies

Turn around time: 2 weeks

Code Description Price
STG-con Shotgun Library Construction $2,000.00 - $2,500.00
QC24 QC by PCR 24 clones $80
QC-96 QC 96 Sequencing $800.00
QC-E QC - by Enzyme Cutting $250
D-pin DNA Fingerprinting please inquire
N-f Nylon Filter per sheet $500.00 - $600.00
Pick Clone Picking $0.22 per clone