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RNA Probe In-Situ Localization Service

RNA Probe In-Situ Localization is a powerful technique used to study the expression patterns of developmentally regulated genes.  It can be performed on frozen sections directly or on whole mounts to visualize the temporal and spatial expression patterns of your gene of interest.

Starting material:

Pre-fixed, embedded, frozen and/or sectioned tissue. We also can provide the service of fixing, freezing and/or sectioning the tissue you supply.

RNA probe:

We can design the probe for you with knowledge of the gene sequence.  You can also provide the plasmid containing the probe sequence (500-700 bp, with appropriate promoters on the plasmid) and we can synthesize and label the RNA probe for you.

Code Description Price
Insitu RNA In-Situ Localization please inquire
Probe RNA Probe RNA Isolation for 5 ug $250
RNA-I Total RNA Isolation for 1mg $350 - $500