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@@@@Genomic DNA library services
@ Custom BAC Library Construction Service
@ Clone-Picking Service
@ Nylon Filter Service
@ Custom Shotgun DNA Library Construction Service
@ DNA Fingerprinting
@@@@cDNA library Construction Services
@ Custom Standard cDNA Library Construction
@ Custom Full Length cDNA Library Construction
@ Custom Vector cDNA Library Construction
@ Custom Normalized cDNA Library Construction Service
  Subtracted cDNA library construction services
@@@@Other Service
@ Protein Expression and Purification service
@ Custom Si RNA Library Construction Service
@ Ultra-pure Large Plasmid DNA Preparation Service
@ Plasmid Vector Preparation Service
@ RNA Isolation Service
@ mRNA Isolation Service
@ RNA Probe In-Situ Localization Service
@ Proteomics Service
@ Special services for signal transduction researchers
  Customized construction of producing cell line for industrial use
  Standard cDNA library construction kit
Plasmid DNA Isolation Kit