Nylon Filter

Custom Normalized cDNA library Construction Service

AGCT's Normalized cDNA procedure reduces the frequency of highly abundant clones and increases the frequency of rare clones.  Our service will provide higher density target genes in the library, enabling you to quickly pinpoint the gene you want and sequence in a more time-efficient and cost-effective manner.  The properties of the Normalized cDNA Library are:

Primary clones:  1 X 106 cfu

Inserts range:  0.5-3kb

QC:  by PCR and sequencing

Turn around time:  5 - 8 weeks

% recombinants:  90% - 95%

Starting material:  1 g of tissue or 1~2 mg total RNA or 10~20ug poyl A mRNA.

Code Description Price
N-cDNA con Normalized cDNA Library Construction please inquire
QC24 QC 24 by PCR 24 clones free - $80
QC-96 QC 96 Sequencing $800.00
QC-E QC - by Enzyme Cutting free - $250
N-f Nylon Filter per sheet $500.00 - 600.00
Pick Clone Picking $0.25 per clone