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Custom Full Length cDNA Library Construction

AGCT's Full Length cDNA Library Construction Service is the only one of its kind in the world, utilizing innovative methods to construct high-quality, truly full-length libraries.  Our scientists have developed an improved procedure for the purification and ligation of only the dscDNA with 5' end Cap and 3' end poly A tail molecules into a suitable vector.  Theoretically, the library built from our kit would contain 100% full length genes.  AGCT guarantees that the Full Length cDNA Library we construct for you will contain at least 95% full length genes.

The minimum size of starting materials must be 1 mg of total RNA, 1 g of tissue or 106 cells.


-  Only full length dscDNA molecules used, allowing for the creation of true full-length cDNA libraries;

-  New, faster, more efficient procedures;

-  No need for PRC amplification, allowing for large, high-representational libraries;

-  Flexibility in host vector choices;

-  Directional cloning, perfect for down stream gene expression studies;

-  3 - 4 weeks turn around time.

Library properties are:

- % full-length genes:  95%

- Primary clones:  2 X 106 cfu

- Inserts range:  0.5 V 3 kb

- % recombinants:  95%

- Turn around time:  3 V 4 weeks

- Q.C. by PCR:  P.C.R 24 random colonies

Code Description Price
FLcDNA FL cDNA Library Construction please inquire
QC24 QC by PCR 24 clones $80
QC-96 QC 96 Sequencing $800.00
QC-E QC - by Enzyme Cutting $250
N-f Nylon Filter per sheet $500.00 - $600.00
Pick Clone Picking $0.22 per clone