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Custom BAC Library Construction Service

The Bacterial Artificial Chromosome (BAC) Library is a powerful tool for genomic research, being an invaluable source in gene identification.  A BAC library hosts up to one million large DNA fragments (100-200kb) in a stable sample of E. coli.  It is useful for the following procedures: genome wide gene mapping, genome wide sequencing, physical mapping and chromosome walking.

Our BAC Library Construction Service can help you to accomplish your research objectives in a time-efficient manner.  We can provide you with a high-quality library within 4-6 weeks.  Our mission is to help you get the finest results as quickly as possible.

AGCTs experts have built more than 300 BAC libraries from a variety of materials, including human, animal and plant tissue, fungi protoplast and bacterial cells.

Our BAC library properties:

Avg. insert range: 120 -180 KB

Primary colonies: 1 X 105 cfu

Delivery format: 96 or 384 well plates

Turn around time: 4 - 6 weeks

Code Description Price
BAC con BAC Library Construction please inquire
QC24 QC by PCR 24 clones $80
QC-96 QC 96 Sequencing $800.00
QC-E QC - by Enzyme Cutting $250
D-pin DNA Fingerprinting please inquire
N-f Nylon Filter per sheet $500.00 - $600.00
Pick Clone Picking $0.22/ per clone