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AGCTs cDNA Library Construction Kit

AGCTs cDNA library construction kit employs an un-amplified cDNA library method especially developed by our scientists. cDNA molecules will be synthesized by a poly T primer or random primer of your choice. The dscDNA can be cloned into any vector with a NotI cutting site at 3 end and blunt at 5 end.

Kit includes reagents for the construction of six directional cloning cDNA libraries. With AGCTs kit, you can build your own cDNA library within 5 days.


-No adapter ligation needed - faster and more efficient.
-No PRC amplification needed - create large, highly-representational libraries.
-Host vector flexibility. Vectors such as pBluescript II, pcDNA3.1, and pDNR-lib are suitable for our construction kit.
-Directional cloning, ideal for down stream gene expression study.

-5 day turn around time


Code Description Price
700100-6/1 Standard cDNA construction polyT primer kit $790.00
700100-6/2 Standard cDNA construction Random primer kit $790.00
pick Picking positive clones into 384 or 96 well plates $0.22/clone