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Custom Subtracted cDNA library Construction Service

A subtracted cDNA library is a library that contains only the unique genes in a target cDNA by removing less unwanted group of genes. AGCT's scientists have optimized our procedure and can process any 2 different starting materials to make a subtracting cDNA. At the end of the service, there are 3 libraries: Target primary library, Driver primary library and Subtracted library. This can be a great tool for finding genetic disorder control gene(s); comparing 2 different species or mutants in gene levels, fishing novel gene(s) ...

The properties of the subtracted cDNA Library are:

Titer: for primary libraries: 1 X 106 cfu; For subtracted library : 1x 103 to 1 x 104 cfu;

Inserts range: 0.5-5kb, Average insert size: 1kb or greater.

QC: by PCR and sequencing

Turn around time: 6- 8 weeks

% recombinants: 95% or higher

Starting material: 1 g of tissue or 1 mg total RNA or 10~20ug poly A mRNA for diver and garget.

Code Description Price
Sub-cDNA con Subtracted cDNA Library Construction $8900 to $9900
QC24 QC by PCR 24 clones $80
QC-96 QC 96 Sequencing $600.00
QC-E QC - by Enzyme Cutting $250
N-f Nylon Filter per sheet $ 600.00
Pick Clone Picking $0.22 per clone