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Protein Expression and Purification service

Recombinant proteins are used throughout the whole spectrum of biomedical research. Once you have large quantity of purified specific protein, you could conduct many downstream experiments, such as enzyme kinetics, functional and structural studies. AGCT is pleased to launch the new protein expression and purification service. AGCTs protein experts provide the best possible results to our valued customers. We have the capacity to take your project directly from gene synthesis to protein expression and purification in bacterial and mammalian cells. We are proud of our ability to optimize protein expression, maximize product yield, and ensure purity to serve every aspect of your research needs. Amount of the protein will be minimal 2 mg or we could provide any amount as you required with reasonable additional charge.

Our scientists can deliver high quality purified protein in a timely manner. We understand that 13C and 15N labeled protein is very useful for faction and mateibic study in vivo. It is available to have your protein labeled by such elements.

Starting materials:

It can be from gene sequence to cloned in a cell Or from almost anywhere you asks us to begin

(1). From Gene to Protein

Starting from de novo gene synthesis, cDNA, BAC clone, we will synthesis the gene or sub clone the gene into the system you named.

(2). From a stock to protein If you have the gene already transformed into a E.Coli, insect cell, or a mammalian cell, you will only pay the protein isolation fee as low as 1980 for minimal 2mg final protein.

Protein Expression Systems available:

1. E.Coli Expression System
Escherichia coli (E. coli) is one of the most widely used hosts for the production of heterotopous proteins

2. Baculovirus Expression System
The Baculovirus insect cell expression system is widely used for the production of precisely matured, folded and processed recombinant proteins. In contrast to E. coli, insect cells are able to incorporate post-translational modifications.

3. Mammalian Expression System
Mammalian cell lines (HEK, 293 CHO, etc) are widely used for the production of recombinant glycoproteins (vaccines, enzymes) as they have the advantage of full posttranslational modifications of the expressed protein.

* Yeast expression system is available upon request.

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