Customized construction of producing cell line for industrial use

To make your products has more competitive power, AGCT provide customized cell line construction service. We design and construct an expressing vector for the gene you have interest and delivery it into a properly cell line which will help you with higher efficacy on production and purification and improve the treating effective.

According to the nature of the protein and production condition needs, we offer different types of the cell line for our customer, for example, E.coli; insect; or mammal cell line.

AGCT also provide screening services to pick the best cell line for industry production using as well as optimize the production perimeters to rich highest efficiency.
Our special technical know how will make your production with more purification and activity

AGCT is industrial best partner to help you stand in the leading position amount the competitors.


AGCT 为中国市场提供特别服务,和特别价格!

为了您的产品更有竞争能力, AGCT提供客户化细胞系构建服务。 我们为您设计和构建一个细胞表达,携带你所定制的基因中间体,并具有活性强,纯度高,产量大特点。

根据蛋白质和生产情况需要的不同,我们提供不同的类型的细胞系为我们的顾客,例如, E.coli; 昆虫; 或哺乳动物的细胞系。